Caspar replay: CPU-usage

Some guys at the forum asked about the cpu usage, so I made some tests today to figure out how much impact the different things involved does.

cpu usage for caspar replay


During the tests I got the values:


With windows (screen consumers) open: cpu load
idle 20%
play input video on 4 channels 44%
record on 4 channels + playback on 1 channel 55%
play slowmo (continously seeking) 65%


Without windows (screen consumers): cpu load
idle 12%
play input video on 4 channels 19%
record on 4 channels + playback on 1 channel 31%
play slowmo (continously seeking) 49%

It’s obvious that having the windows open has a certain impact on the cpu load. Since the maximum cpu load is only 49% in the last case, maybe it would be possible (on my machine) to record on 8 channels.. THAT would be an interesting development, watch your back, EVS! 🙂

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